I accepted the VinePair challenge to build a 12-bottle case for under $250 at Henry’s Wine & Spirit in Brooklyn! ⁣

VinePair challenged wine pro Tish Wiggins to create a 12-bottle case of wines from Henry’s Wine & Spirit. Though Brooklyn-based Henry’s mainly carries bottles from smaller natural wine producers, Wiggins — a Fintech consultant by day, wine educator and event curator by night — was up for the challenge.

“This challenge definitely forced me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to research and expand my knowledge in the area of natural and biodynamic wines,” Wiggins says.

The Dallas-based wine pro works part time as a server at Trova Wine + Market. She also curates a blog and social media presence, Tish Around Town, where she shares food, wine, spirits, and travel stories. In addition, Wiggins hosts an event series called Chat n’ Sip, which features virtual wine tastings, demonstrations, and conversations with drinks experts.

During the ongoing pandemic, Wiggins says, she has been discovering new wines by purchasing bottles directly from wineries, both online and in person. “I keep a running list of wines, wineries, and winemakers I want to try, so during the pandemic I was able to knock a few off my list,” she says. When making her selections for this $250 Case Challenge, she took three main things into consideration: region, grape variety, and story.

“I feel that every bottle has a story to tell that’s relatable and inspiring, with also some teachable moments we all can use for navigating life,” she says.

Below, Wiggins shares her ideal case of wine, including regionally focused picks such as Portugal’s Vinho Verde, unique blends like Cabernet Franc and Riesling, and of course, bottles with great stories to tell.

Click the LINK to full article to see ‘What Would Tish Do’ (WWTD) with a budget of $250…

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